Transport Order Management System (TOMS) – Logistics Solution

Our Transport Order Management Solution finds its niche between an ERP or legacy order processing and warehouse/distribution module. A typical scenario would include both inbound (procurement) and outbound (shipping) orders to be evaluated by the TOMS Planning Module, offering the user various suggested routing solutions. These solutions are evaluated by the user for reasonableness and are passed along to the transportation provider analysis module to select the best mode and cost effective provider.

Once the most efficient provider is selected, the solution typically generates electronic load tendering and track/trace to execute the optimized shipment for the selected carrier and supports freight audit and payment processes. The solution links back to ERP systems (after orders are processed into optimal shipments) and sometimes secondarily to WMS programs also linked to ERP are common.


Inventory Information System (IIS) – Chemicals/Mining Solution

Our Inventory Information System is aimed at calculating the levels of chemicals stored in silo’s. The information and two daily readings are available via the internet to the bulk transport company, who can then plan their loading and transport schedule accordingly. As a result, ICP never runs out of raw material and their supplier never has to wait. The system has a reliability and precision rate of 99.999%.


HR Employee Head Count System – HR Solutions

Our HR Employee Head Count Solution serves as a tool for companies to have viability of the number of employees on board at any given time. The solution displays the type of employment and provides notifications on contract expirations and contract renewals according to company policy.

The HR Employee Head Count Management Solution provides management with a Dashboard that displays all relevant information pertaining to the company employment force.


On Board System – HR Solutions

Our On Boarding solution creates a simplified workflow for both the company and successful job applicant, that integrate the applicant onto the company database through the automated management of all necessary information and documents that the applicant would need to submit prior to starting the new job.

Our On Board System has the functionality of additionally linking with our HR Employee Head Count System and transferring data captured once the applicant has successfully integrated into the company workforce.


On Time In Full (OTIF) – Logistics Solutions

Our OTIF system is a fundamental tool of the measurements for logistics performance. The measurement includes variables of the Supply Chain, namely: Was the product in the quantity ordered and was delivered on-time? This key performance indicator has the ability to measure the performance of the whole logistic organization and thus, to meet customer service expectations. To reach a good OTIF level, all functions of the supply chain (which include order taking, procurement, suppliers, warehouses, transport) need to work at optimum level. The main contribution of OTIF is to empower relevant parties throughout a logistics organization with an overview of how the company delivers to its customers.


Primary Artifacts

Solutions architect

The solutions architect is typically part of the development team and is responsible for transforming the requirements created by functional analysts into a set of architecture and design documents that can be used by the rest of the development team to create the solution.


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