MuleSoft ESB

Connect with the world’s most wodely used ESB

Map and transform data

Easily query and map complex data structures with Mule’s data integration framework, powered by the innovative DataWeave data query language. Transform data to and from any format across heterogeneous transport protocols and data types or enhance incomplete messages. Move millions of records between applications or data sources using Mule’s built-in batch capabilities.

Unified Connectivity

Build integrations for use cases ranging from the simple, extending a legacy services with lightweight APIs to the advanced, SOA re-platforming for connectivity across the entire enterprise.

Lowest Friction

Mule ESB is designed for speed and productivity with pre-built connectors and templates, out- of-the-box management and an architecture that can scale up and scale out as your needs evolve.


Mule ESB lets you quickly service enable assets or design enterprise grade integrations and run them anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments at the push of a button.

Build and Host Services

Expose application functionality as services and ceat a standards-based architecture. Host existing services in Mule’s lightweight service container.

Mediate and orchestrate services

Separate business logic from protocols and message formats for rapid, nimble development and long-term flexibility. Coordinate services and expose them composite applications to support business processes.

Deliver and route messages and events

Deliver messages based on their content or rules; filter, aggregate and re-sequence them as needed. Deliver synchronous and asynchronous events, transactions, streaming, and routing patterns, all with no code.



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